Tool:KLAST, a Blast-like tool for fast sequence similarity searches: free academic version
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8.3 years ago
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KLAST is a new high-performance software to enable the fast comparison of two banks of sequences. It easily reaches speedup factor up to 10 in comparison with Blast while providing same level of quality in the results. Depending on use cases, high sensitivity is not required, so KLAST can be even more faster.

KLAST is the new professional release of the PLAST software developed by the Genscale team (Inria-Irisa; BMC Bioinformatics 2009). Compared with PLAST, KLAST now provides the capability of comparing DNA sequences, thus enabling the 5 classical comparison methods (klastp, klastn, klastx, ...).

KLAST is a joined R&D project between Gensacle team and bioinformatics software company Korilog as part of the KoriScale Inria Innovation Lab.

A free academic version of KLAST is now available at Koriscale

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