News:Travel and accommodation bursaries for workshops on Gene expression analysis, Metabolomics, RAD analysis or Population genomics in Environmental ‘Omics
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UPDATE: Registration has been extended to the 8th August. Limited places are still available as are travel and accommodation bursaries. Please visit to find out more.

Workshops are being hosted by NERC-NBAF (Natural Environment Research Council Biomolecular Analysis Facility, UK) on four techniques, targeted at Environmental 'Omics users of different levels of experience.

This workshop is fully funded by NERC and bursaries are available to cover reasonable travel and accommodation costs for all delegates within the UK, although the workshops are available to all those interested.

A one-day training workshop will be held on 15th September and delivered by staff from the NERC Biomolecular Analysis Facility (NBAF). NBAF delivers genomic and metabolomics data and analysis to NERC researchers via Services and Facilities that are specifically geared towards the research within the natural environment. By the end of the workshop, each student will have an understanding of the fundamentals of the analysis methods used in relation to a specific topic and will have undertaken a practical analysis of trial data.

  • Gene expression analysis: Students will learn the principles behind the design of a gene expression experiment using RNA sequencing technologies, including statistical design and quality control of samples. The students will analyse case examples within a computing practical exercise and learn familiarity with basic analysis tools in Linux and R to map sequence reads against a genome and to identify differentially expressed genes.
  • Metabolomics workshop: NBAF-B staff will introduce and describe the metabolomics workflow including experimental design and sample preparation, common analytical techniques, and statistical approaches. A special emphasis will be placed on data processing including the optimal use of quality control samples and the application of multivariate and univariate statistical approaches in metabolomics. Case studies will be employed throughout the training. The course also aims to provide participants with a pre-processed mass spectrometry or NMR spectroscopy based dataset for hands-on statistical interrogation and interpretation.
  • Restriction-site Associated DNA (RAD) Data Analysis: NBAF staff will run this workshop, including an introduction to RAD sequencing in the environmental genomics context and hands-on analyses of a representative RAD dataset using popular software (e.g. STACKS). No prior knowledge of high throughput sequencing data analysis is required but experience with the Linux environment and basic command line tools would be advantageous.
  • Population genomics: An introduction to: detecting polymorphisms (SNPs) in next-generation sequencing data, mapping SNPs in families, undertaking genome-wide association analysis (GWAS), detecting natural selection in populations via outlier (Fst) and selective sweep analyses, and understanding population history via approximate Bayesian computation (ABC).

For more information, or to register please visit Please note that this is separate to registration for the Environmental Omics conference and registering for the conference is not required to attend this workshop (but is encouraged)

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