Transcription factor regulation on TRANSFAC?
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9.1 years ago

Hi people,

I'm starting on this new, painful world which is TF analysis and on my searching for a good database that have the most TF-gene interactions with experimental evidence, I decided to choose TRANSFAC to look for target genes regulated by specific TFs.

When I have the results table after searching for genes bound by TP53, for example, I get three options of effect: DNA binding, transactivation and transrepression. I'm confused because I can't quite understand the meaning of "DNA binding". Does that mean that the TF only binds to DNA and its effects on induction/repression of the target gene are not yet known? I searched for any explanation in the site documentation but I couldn't find.

Also, suggestions of databases where I can make this type of analyses would be highly appreciated :) (I tried Metacore, MSigDB, TFactS, Signaling, oPOSSUM, PAZAR).


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