Downloading multiple sequence alignment as clustal format file from clustal omega.
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7.4 years ago


I've been trying to download a multiple sequence alignment from clustal omega as a clustal format file, but whenever I click on the download option, it just opens a new page with only the alignments displayed. I tried downloading the page as a .pdf file and converting it into rtf, but that destroys the formatting. Same thing with simply copy/pasting into a text file. I need a clustal formatted file for use with PriFi ( for designing primers from multiple sequence alignment ). Is there any workaround to this. Or is there something else I can use that does the MSA and the primer design from a multiple sequence fast file. (i'm using mac os x mavericks )

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7.4 years ago
linus ▴ 360

For Chrome this works:

Just click on download. Then the website shows you the the alignment only. If you now right click "save as..." it allows you to save the file. The file ending is already .clustal

(if you use Javascript blockers this might not work. Please deactivate them then.)

I used this web service:


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