database of gene essentiality in Drosophila?
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7.2 years ago

I am looking for annotation of gene essentiality in Drosophila. The ideal resource would be a knockout or a RNAi screening which would tell me, for every gene, whether its deletion or silencing is lethal or not.

I saw that there are many resources online, from flybase to UCSC, but I could not find any annotation on gene essentiality there. There are also a lot of screenings published, but they all seem to be related to specific conditions (e.g. exposure to a DNA damaging factor, stress, etc..), but I could not find any screening in which no special conditions were applied. In general, I not familiar with Drosophila, and I am not sure what an expert in the field would use. Which resource do you recommend me?

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7.2 years ago

I think I found the answer by myself.

Option 1: the Gene Essentiality Database (OGEE) from the Bork group. This database gives information on essentiality, based on two screenings in Drosophila (one from 2004 and one from 2010). It also gives other useful information, e.g. the degree and the age of each gene.

Option 2: Gene essentiality for Drosophila can also obtained from this study (Dietzl 2007), from Supplementary Tables S1 and S2.


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