How to create GO dataset from file for S. pombe?!!!
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6.6 years ago
Parham ★ 1.5k


I am trying to do GO analysis on my RNA-seq data from S. pombe. Unfortunately the GO annotations for s. pombe are not available on gage database so I have to create myself from a file I guess! I guess because I am not an advance user and just learning everything. So I found these annotations on, see it in this link. But no matter how much I read the gage manual I couldn't figure out how to load these data into gage for doing the analysis. The template of "go.sets.**" are different from this file obtained from pombase and I don't know how to convert it. Also then I don't know how to create a file like "go.subs.**" in order to separate BP, MF and CC categories. I know this question may look very beginner but please help me with this, since I am stuck at this point for few days. Any more information you need please let me know.


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