Question: Limma calls all genes as differentially expressed - what am I doing wrong?
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Amusement Pork60 wrote:

I have a design of 6 conditions with three replicates each, with expression levels for ~51000 transcription products. I'm using Limma's voom transformation to make my data approximately Gaussian, which by ocular pat-down seems to be the case: 

The mean-variance estimation is visible here - kinda overdispersed in the mid range but it doesn't look critically bad to me: 

I fit the linear model thusly: 

> labels
 [1] A A A C C C G G G L L L T T T U U U
Levels: A C G L T U
design <- model.matrix(~labels)
fit2 <- eBayes( lmFit(voomCounts, design) )

However, this yields the following p-value distribution from the pairwise t-tests (looks like a misspecified model)

The fit2$F.p.vals has only 10-15 genes above 0.01, the rest are absolutely tiny; and when I plot some of the genes called for differential expression they look very unremarkable. What am I doing wrong? 

Thanks so much :) 

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Manvendra Singh2.1k
Berlin, Germany
Manvendra Singh2.1k wrote:

I do not know why are you doing voom counts

but if you want differentially expressed genes from 6 samples, lets say 3 replicates each of cases and controls

df <- "is your dataframe containing 6 coloumns (3 for each ) of normalized expression data"

then just go for 


fit<-lmFit(df, design)
fit2<, cont.matrix)
topTable(ebfit, coef=1)
topTable(ebfit, number=Inf, p=0.05, adjust.method="none", coef=1)

## topTable would be your list of DEG

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Thank you so much! This community is terrific.

To those that stumble on this answer by googling, here's how I generated the contrast matrix for 6 groups instead of two (my groups are A, C, G, L ,T, U):

columnContrasts <- combn(levels(labels), 2)
strContrasts <- apply(columnContrasts, 2, paste, collapse="-")
contrastMat <- makeContrasts(contrasts=strContrasts, levels=as.character(levels(labels)))


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nice. I didn't know about `combn`

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Hi Mavendra,

I am following you approach but when I try to log2 normalize my data frame then lmFit gives the following error:

Error in, t(M)) : NA/NaN/Inf in 'y'

What I am doing is mentioned below:

logX <- log2(df)

fit<-lmFit(logX, design)

.. and then I get the error. Actually I want to log2 normalize my data frame as is being done by GEO2R before applying limma.

Thanks, looking forward to your response.


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Salt Lake City, UT
brentp23k wrote:

(how) did you call topTable? Maybe you are testing an Intercept when you should be testing a contrast.

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Thanks bud, you were exactly right :) 

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