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7.6 years ago

I have an opening for a position in my group at the Genome Institute at Washington University in St Louis that mixes research into cancer genomics and applying that knowledge to genomic medicine.

Our group is a collection of mostly-PhD holding bioinformatics experts, who apply computational tools to help understand the origins and progression of cancer. We specialize on translating large-scale sequence data (genomic DNA, RNA-seq, and bisulfite-seq, among others) into insight about how to better detect cancer, predict its response to therapy, and treat patients.

You will spend approximately 50% of your time analyzing and interpreting cases from our clinical sequencing group, in an environment where your work may directly influence patient care. The other half of your time will be spent on research projects, pairing with some fantastic oncologists to probe the genomics of tumorigenesis, relapse, and clonal evolution in response to therapy.

Ideally, you'll have a strong biological background, and knowing cancer well would be a plus. You don't need to be the kind of person who reprograms their microwave in assembly for fun, but you should know your way around the *nix command line and be proficient in at least one scripting language.

This isn't a postdoc position, but it is very much an academic environment, and you will have opportunities to publish high-profile papers (It comes with significantly better pay than a postdoc, too).

The official job posting is here, and you should apply if interested. For quicker responses, also send your CV directly to me at

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