News:New NPG journal "Human Genome Variation"
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8.6 years ago

via @jxchong

Nature Publishing Group and the Japan Society of Human Genetics are collaborating to launch a new journal - Human Genome Variation. The journal was born from a demand by the community for a place to publish important discoveries, observations and analysis about research on the human genome. Published on to the highest standards, Human Genome Variation will provide a fully peer-reviewed Open Access journal publishing the full suite of article types. Data Reports, a new article type, will be a key part of the journal. Data Reports are standardized reports about genomic variation and variability, especially in relation to disease. An accompanying database will host data derived from the journal's Data Reports, and provide a valuable research tool for the community.

journal SNP variation • 1.8k views
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It looks like this journal will be a good source of n-of-1 studies that I was asking about here: Publications for individualized medicine in cancer by whole genome, exome or transcriptome sequencing


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