News:Structure viewer for Ebola virus proteins
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6.9 years ago
slcrick ▴ 250

Hi, a structure viewer for Ebola virus proteins has been developed, so I'd like to share and also get opinions and suggestions for improvement. It's at It was developed by the laboratory of Dr. Rachel Karchin at Johns Hopkins University (website) and In Silico Solutions (website).

On its homepage, the 7 genes of the ebola virus are shown in the gene tab at the top, which are clickable. On the right panel, there is a table of PDB structures that were mapped to the selected gene, which are also clickable. The selected structure is shown in the left Jmol panel. Below that, there is a table of protein chains in the selected structure. The chains are grouped by chain name. They can be shown or hidden by clicking and their colors can be changed. Below that, there is a table of the observed mutations (synonymous and nonsynonymous) from 2014 outbreaks of the ebola virus. Showing/hiding/coloring works the same way with these mutations also. Below that, there are tables of annotations for the selected structure.

Please take a look at it and let me know if it is useful or how it can be more useful.


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this is pretty cool!


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