The analysis of UDPS data of HBV reverse transcriptase
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6.4 years ago
gndy90 • 0

Hi all,

I am doing the HBV RT gene UDPS data analysis, the data(RT gene DNA sequences)  were collected from 26 clinical patients before and after NA(LDT) treatment(104 week in total and 12 week interval). I have verified 4 virological breakthough patients and 8 partial responders, remain are responders. The substitution rates of all the samples were calculated and some known LDT related substitutions have been detected such as rt M204I/V and rtL80I.

My questions are:

1. I have got the most fluctuated sites during treatment, is there any possibility to determine some mutations which are related to LDT resistance?

2.What kind of additional study can i do on the dataset?

If anyone do the similar research, please give me some help.Thanks!

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