Artificial Neural Networks applied to environmental data
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8.9 years ago


After reading the paper by Larsen et al. entitled "Predicting bacterial community assemblages using an artificial neural network approach" I got really interested in the use of artificial neural networks (ANN) for analyzing biological data. I am considering using such approach to analyze 5 years of a time series data of a tropical estuarine environment. My goal would be using the information we have from pyshico-chemical parameters (e.g. nutrient abundance and temperature) to create a predictive model for biological variables (e.g. bacterial abundance). The literature concerning this type of analysis seems to be extremly scarce. I was wondering If anybody could point me towards good reviews or books that could help me get familar with the use of AAN applied to biological data. Also, indications to any tools that could handle the analyzes and calculations would be much appreciated as well.



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