Phyml "Unexpected error: no inferred tree result file"
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8.1 years ago
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I am trying to use the Phyml tool with a multiple sequence file in the PHYLIP format as the input. However, I get the Unexpected error: no inferred tree result file. error. I just don't get it as my input does not show any difference to the example input file. I am linking the file giving the error. Also, one of the options on Phyml is to specify the number of datasets. I don't understand what it means by multiple datasets. Any explanation is appreciated.

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8.1 years ago
Brice Sarver ★ 3.7k

1. It seems that your error is due to the fact that your file is improperly formatted. The phylip format requires spaces after the sequence name and before the data itself. Since your file lacks the space, my guess is that the file cannot be parsed and appears to lack data, hence the "no inferred tree" error.

2. Multiple datasets can be passed to PhyML to conduct sequential analyses. The most common usage is to generate datasets and use them to estimate bootstrap support values.


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