Mantel Test, Arlequin..And How To Make Input Files
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10.1 years ago
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hello everyone,

Has anyone here used Arlequin to conduct a Mantel test? Or any other software to do so?

I have pairwise Fsts for 19 populations. This has been done for the exons and introns of my genes.

I want to see if there if there is a correlation between the pairwise fsts of the introns and those of the exons...having looked into it..I think the Mantel test is best for this.

But how do I do it? I don't know what software is best - I have Arlequin and I am aware it conducts Mantel tests but I have not got a clue how to input the data..

Do I input one big matrix that contains the data for both the introns and exons?

many thanks!

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9.9 years ago
I Molnar ▴ 10

How can I make the input file for Mantel test in Arlequin program. I have 5 locuses in 3 patient groups. I have working input file (standard data, genotypic data, recessive allele:00, haloploid format) for the other evaluation in Arlequin (AMOVA, allele frekvency, linkage disequi.)


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