Question: Aliases for gene names from Entrez gene search
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Harijay60 wrote:

I want to programmatically list all the aliases for a whole number of gene names. I am using Entrez/NCBI and the "gene" database to do this.

For eg:

When I search the ncbi gene database  for XRCC1 , I get the results

In the browser NCBI ives you a nice table with the "Name", "Geneid" , "Location" and importantly "Aliases". How do I get these aliases from a Biopython or Entrez eutils query programmatically?

Currently I can get a bunch of information from a function like:

from Bio import Entrez

def main(infile_name): = ""
    # How do I setup this query to get Aliases?
    query = Entrez.esearch(db="gene",term=input_term,retmode="text")
    # Process this result and extract Aliases?
    result =
    print result

Thanks for your help


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Sean Davis25k
National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD
Sean Davis25k wrote:

You might try using the relatively new Entrez Direct tools that can be run from the command-line.  Here is an example command for pulling the aliases for BRCA1[human].

esearch -db gene -query "(BRCA1[Preferred Symbol]) AND 9606[Taxonomy ID]" | \
  efetch -format xml | \
  xtract -pattern Entrezgene \
    -element Gene-ref_locus \
    -sep "|" -element Gene-ref_syn_E

This results in bar-separated aliases following the official symbol.

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Thanks for the pointer to Entrez Direct. I used the workflow you outlined to fetch all ids and then iterate through to find a match for the ID used in the list of aliases. Using code like

import json
from Bio import Entrez = ""

def main(gene_name):
    most_likely_entry = Entrez.esearch(db="gene",term="{gene_name} [Preferred Symbol] AND 9606 [Taxonomy ID]".format(gene_name=gene_name),retmode="json")
    most_likely_entry_json = json.loads(
    my_ids = most_likely_entry_json['esearchresult']['idlist']
    if my_ids == []:
        all_ids_entries =  Entrez.esearch(db="gene",term="{gene_name} AND 9606 [Taxonomy ID]".format(gene_name=gene_name),retmode="json")
        all_ids_json = json.loads(
        all_ids = all_ids_json['esearchresult']['idlist']
        # print all_ids
        for an_iden in all_ids:
            record_with_aliases = Entrez.efetch(db="gene",id=an_iden,retmode="json")
            aliases = []
            for line in record_with_aliases:
                if line.startswith("Official Symbol:"):
                    aliases.append(line.split("and Name")[0].split(":")[1])
                if line.startswith("Other Aliases:"):
                    for x in [y.strip() for y in [x.strip() for x in line.split(":")[1:]][0].split(",")]:
                    # print aliases
                    if gene_name in aliases:
                        return aliases[0]
                    elif gene_name.replace(" ","") in aliases:
                        return aliases[0]
                    elif gene_name.replace("-","") in aliases:
                        return aliases[0]
        return "NOT FOUND"
        # We got the ID with the Preferred Symbol lookup
        print "Got ID:",my_ids
        for an_iden in my_ids:
            record_with_aliases = Entrez.efetch(db="gene",id=an_iden,retmode="json")
            for line in record_with_aliases:
                if line.startswith("Other Aliases:"):
                    print line.split(":")[1:]
            entry =
            return entry


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