Kraken output to Krona Tools: What can be selected as magnitude
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8.6 years ago

Hi all,

I am trying to use Kraken output file as an input to KronaTools (metagenomic visualization tool)script ktImportTaxonomy. Basically I am doing the taxonomy classification using Kraken and trying to visualize it using Krona tools. I would like to know what kind of values I can use as magnitudes for the ktImportTaxonomy script in KronaTools.

Kraken output formatt is:

Each sequence classified by Kraken results in a single line of output. Output lines contain five tab-delimited fields; from left to right, they are:

  1. "C"/"U": one letter code indicating that the sequence was either classified or unclassified.
  2. The sequence ID, obtained from the FASTA/FASTQ header.
  3. The taxonomy ID Kraken used to label the sequence; this is 0 if the sequence is unclassified.
  4. The length of the sequence in bp.
  5. A space-delimited list indicating the LCA mapping of each k-mer in the sequence. For example, 562:13 561:4 A:31 0:1 562:3 would indicate that:
    • the first 13 k-mers mapped to taxonomy ID #562
    • the next 4 k-mers mapped to taxonomy ID #561
    • the next 31 k-mers contained an ambiguous nucleotide
    • the next k-mer was not in the database
    • the last 3 k-mers mapped to taxonomy ID #562

I selected fields 2 and 3 as input to KronaTools. My command is:

ktImportTaxonomy <file_contain_field2&3FromKraken> -o Output_taxonomy.krona.html

In Krona tools there is an option for giving magnitudes. Can I select any of the fields as magnitude from the Kraken output?

Thanks, Deepthi

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