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8.2 years ago

Dear Colleagues,

I am leading a group specialized in applying Artificial Intelligence in Precision/Personalized Oncology, to develop highly accurate (95-100%) predictive models for diagnosis, prognosis, response to treatment, etc. One of our goals is to extract "Big Knowledge" from the continuously increasing flood of microarray and NGS, "Big Data" (e.g., TCGA Data), especially in the form of rules, understandable by human experts and by machines, too. We are now involved in studies discovering rules, for understanding the roles of various molecular species (mRNA, microRNA, etc.) and mutations in cancer, with potential applications, too. To exploit the whole potential of our methodologies, we are looking for collaborators, interested in results to be published in high-impact journals (Nature, Science, PLOS, etc.).

We want our collaborators to extend/complement our expertise in cancer biology and clinics, and data science programming (R, Python, etc.). Collaborators wanting us to extract knowledge from their own data are welcome too. If you are interested or need more details, please contact me:

Alexandru Floares, MD, PhD

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This sounds like a cool opportunity, but it might be better categorized as a Forum post rather than as a Question. You can move it to the Forum section by clicking the "edit" link next to the "Add Comment" button and then changing the post type to "Forum".

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Thank you very much. You are right. I followed your instructions. I hope is OK now.



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