Color Individual Nodes in Cytoscape
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6.2 years ago
thorerges ▴ 70

I just started using Cytoscape a few days ago. While it is very powerful, I am having a bit of trouble customizing everything. For example, I am interested on coloring select nodes based on specific attributes - previous questions had VizMapper as the solution to this problem, except in the most recent version - VizMapper doesn't seem to exist. 


I want to color certain nodes as yellow, others as black etc.. Any current users of cytoscape know how to get this done? My download of the software does not seem to include VizMapper.

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6.2 years ago
lfearnley ▴ 30

Assuming you're using Cytoscape 3.2.0, visual styles are accessible from the 'Styles' menu in the Control Panel. By default, this is the panel at the left of the screen (this is a screenshot from Cytoscape running under OSX):

If you don't have a Control Panel pane visible, you can get this back from View>Show Control Panel. If you only have the word 'Network' in the top of the control panel, there should be an arrow to its immediate right - click this and the panel will expand.


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Thank you, it's easy to color all nodes. What I did not know however - was that the bypass button meant you can be selective. Thanks. 


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