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A followup to the question: Should BioStar be switched over to the StackExchange network?

Below are the terms for the migration to the SE platform

--- content below is from a StackExchange representative ---

We feel that the BioStar Q&A and its core audience aligns perfectly with our ideals of a great Stack Exchange subject. For that reason, we would like to work with BioStar to make the the BioStar community one of the strongest sites in the network. The goal is to transition the BioStar Stack Exchange site directly into the Stack Exchange Network (a.k.a. Stack Exchange 2.0). We would import all the posts, comments, voting, activity, and user credentials into the new software. The transition should be relatively seamless to the existing user base. Upon completion, the site would have its own dedicated meta site, chat room, and all the other features of the Stack Exchange Network.

After the site is launched, we plan to close down the Bioinformatics proposal in Area 51 and notify the followers that a site has been launched to support their subject.

In the transition, the following issues should be considered:

  • BioStar would have to cede all ownership of the site and its data. We do not allow for private ownership of sites nor do we provide for special access, private labeling, or any sort of revenue-sharing agreements.
  • All user-contributed content would continue to be licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0, as required by all of our sites. Any content (logos, designs, etc.) NOT contributed by users is copyright Stack Exchange Inc.
  • The site would launch as a public beta site with the public beta design. We will forgo the private beta so not to lock out the existing users during that period. The site will go through the normal public beta/graduation cycle applied to other sites in the Network.
  • It would be unprecedented to shut down a site that is this far along due to lack of activity, but to cover that eventuality, we would agree to provide a means of transferring the data and credentials back to BioStar to continue the site, it they so choose. We already provide regular data dumps of Stack Exchange content, so this would not very different from the spirit of that feature.
  • The name of the site would likely become Bioinformatics, with a URL of (or whatever names is chosen by the community). We will redirect the current BioStar URL to the new site so the user experience and legacy links will continue to work seamlessly. The domain name and domain hosting will have to be transferred to Stack Exchange Inc.
  • A typical Stack Exchange site starts with three provisional moderators (pro tem) and permanent moderators are elected shortly after graduation (There is no concept of an "admin" (double diamond) in Stack Exchange). BioStar currently has ~27 moderators. We will be happy to appoint your top moderators through the pro tem program, but we would like to keep it down to three (considering your size, perhaps as many as five can be accommodated). When the site graduates, ALL moderators will have to run in the general election. We cannot guarantee lifetime appointments of moderators.
  • The reputation awards and access levels vary in some ways from when SE 1.0 was designed. When the users are imported, their reputation will be recalculated to align with the newer design. The fluctuation should be minimal, but there may be a small segment of users who find themselves with different access due to differences between the systems. This has never posed a problem where we have imported other sites.
  • We try to remain as "hands-off" as possible when it comes to the governance of the individual sites. Users are expected to own their own community and take responsibility for its continued success. But there are a few core philosophies and network policies that sites are expected to adhere to. I looked through the discussions, conduct, and ideals of the BioStar community and our vision of what these sites should be seem to align wonderfully. I don't expect any significant issues of "culture shock" in this transition. The BioStar personnel and top users are, of course, welcome to participate however they see fit, but it is our hope that they will continue their involvement and remain the leaders and top contributors they were for BioStar.
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