Job:PhD studentship in Ireland
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7.6 years ago
colin986 ▴ 50

Hi Folks,

Just a reminder that the closing date for this position is on Tuesday the 5th.

Email for informal enquires.


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With all respect, but for me it looks rather strange when someone posts the same job advert again and again (this is the third time I see this ad and the last one is still visible on the first job page). I can understand that you want to reach as many potential students as possible, but for me (as a student that will seek a phd studentship in the next year) this seems rather desperate and makes the search for other project even more challenging. I can understand why you are doing this but if everyone did so, it would be impossible to get a good overview.

[please delete this post if you think it has nothing to do with the topic. I do not want to critisise the ad all together and am thankful that phd studentships are offered on biostars.]


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