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6.0 years ago
Aura • 0

Very confused here. I was able to visualize mi SNPs positions in a separated track in the UCSC Microbe table browser. Yet I am totally unable to get a file with the anotations of genomic regions where this SNPs fall in. The table for my custom track look like this:

track name="User Track" description="User Supplied Track (from Galaxy)" color=0,0,0 visibility=1
chr        1976        1977        SNP        0        +
chr        1848        1849        SNP        0        +


The "chr" was the only chromosome name that was accepted by the table browser. I had to modify my text file in order t get it accepted.

There is a way to get a table with both, my SNPs position and the Genebank RefSeq Anotation of the gene it falls in? I've seen that there are some code based solutions, but I am not able to get it yet. Is there any non code based way?

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