Job:Platforms and Pipelines Bioinformatics Manager, Genome Analysis Centre (TGAC), Norwich, UK
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9.0 years ago

Platforms and Pipelines Bioinformatics Manager

Starting salary range: £45,720 - £50,800

Duration: Permanent

Norwich, UK

The Genome Analysis Centre (TGAC) has an exciting new role for a Bioinformatics Manager in the Platforms and Pipelines (P&P) group. The successful candidate will lead the P&P Bioinformatics team to drive high-quality data analysis for the BBSRC National Capability in Genomics (NCG), which provides access to state of the art genomics technologies for research groups throughout the UK. This role will oversee two key functions: the strategic development of a broad portfolio of bioinformatics data analyses to be delivered via the P&P Team, as well as delivering high quality primary data analysis and expert bioinformatics support to internal and external customers. The role will be expected to have a deep understanding of, and interest in, a wide variety of analysis including genome assembly, targeted re-sequencing, genotyping, transcriptomics, epigenetics and metagenomics in a range of non-model and model systems.

Additional aspects of this role include:

  • Facilitating knowledge transfer from TGAC's Science Faculty so that cutting edge tools and analysis techniques can be deployed as a service.
  • Delivering expert advice on study design to ensure that projects have sufficient power for downstream analysis.
  • Providing specialist bioinformatics advice and assistance to stakeholders in troubleshooting bioinformatics analyses.
  • Maintaining excellent current awareness of new analysis protocols and opportunities that can strengthen the P&P bioinformatics portfolio.
  • Developing and extending automation for efficient QC monitoring and primary data processing from a diverse range of platforms (Currently Illumina HiSeq/MiSeq, PacBio, Ion Proton, Oxford Nanopore MinION, Opgen Argus, BioNanoGenomics Irys, but will expand in the future as new technology arises).
  • Overseeing timely, accurate and high-quality completion of projects in collaboration with the P&P Project Management team.
  • Maintain clear communications with those performing library construction and Sequencing to drive process improvement through QC monitoring.
  • Gathering requirements for TGAC's Software Development team to drive development of laboratory process support systems (MISO LIMS/Atlassian JIRA).
  • Overseeing and performing analysis of genomic data.
  • Cross-training team members to provide essential business continuity.

To be considered for the P&P Bioinformatics Manager post, you will need the following qualifications, skills and experience:

  • University degree in a relevant discipline (e.g. Computer Science, Software Engineer, Bioinformatics).
  • Management skills - demonstrated through the successful management of a team or large project.
  • Broad and deep knowledge of computational methods for high-throughput sequence analysis and interpretation.
  • Extensive experience in delivering bioinformatics as a service.
  • Experience of working with a production, customer-focused, environment.
  • Experienced with management of change, funding and financial sustainability.
  • Excellent oral and written communications skills.
  • Ability to lead and motivate an effective team, and also work as a good team player.
  • Good problem solver, able to logically identify solutions to technical problems.
  • Able to see the bigger picture and contribute towards strategic direction of the Platforms and Pipelines team.

TGAC is a vibrant, contemporary research institute and a UK hub for innovative Bioinformatics through research, analysis and interpretation of datasets. We hosts one of the largest computing hardware facilities dedicated to life science research in Europe and our aim is to ensure that biological science in the UK has access to a skill base in genomics and bioinformatics to deliver programmes leading to improved food security, advances in industrial biotechnology and improved human health and wellbeing.

At TGAC we offer competitive salaries, excellent defined contribution pension scheme, life assurance, tailored learning and development and onsite sports facilities that are available to all staff and their guests.

As a user of the disability symbol, we guarantee to interview all disabled applicants who meet the minimum essential criteria for this vacancy.

For further information about the role, TGAC and details of how to apply please visit:

Advert will close June 4th 2015.

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sounds very interesting. check currency conversion and closing date:

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Yeah, it sounds really exciting. Just one thing to clarify. The salary specified in this post differs from the one specified at the website. It may be convenient to update the post :).

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Thank you for making me aware of the salary issue, this has now been amended by our HR team.

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That's a different post you have linked Jorge - we have two open currently - the Bioinformatics Manager post is here

Anyone interested in the Automation Specialist post you've listed though is welcome to apply!

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whoops! you're right Daniel. thanks for the information.


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