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8.8 years ago
jimfishin • 0

Will hire at Associate Director level

Working with our team of scientists and informatics staff on continued development and implementation of the tumor vs germline analysis based on our informatics pipeline applied to whole exome and whole genome datasets. Successful candidates will collaborate with our genetics and informatics groups to analyze our informatics systems for accuracy and content, and to further improve the analysis and interpretation of tumor-specific mutations.

Our mature informatics pipeline was developed and validated using whole genome sequence data on hundreds of thousands of patients. It begins with the raw sequence data and results in comprehensive variant calls, tumor-specific calls, and variant annotations along with raw BAM file data stored in our novel sequence database infrastructure. These data and results are efficiently accessible through our validated web-based sequence analysis tools that integrate public domain disease variant and annotation datasets.

The raw sequence data underlying potential pathogenic variants in germline or tumor sequences are immediately visualized for confirmation using our genome browser. This user-friendly system significantly reduces hands on time for the analysis and interpretation of sequence-based tests. The successful candidate will be located at our Cambridge site and will work with both our genetics group and our informatics group.

Additional duties include training of outside users and then testing and validation of new versions of the sequence analysis tools.

Location: Cambridge MA

Recruiter Jim Davidson Human Capital Resources, LLC


A PhD and a thorough understanding and experience in working with algorithms and software applications for high-throughput sequence data (NGS)

Significant programming experience is required (Unix shell programming and Python/Perl/Java/C++)

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If you're really looking to hire someone, don't you have to include your company name? contact info? job location? How to apply?

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A little search on the text blocks reveals that this add is possibly taken from the company NextCode, but possibly posted by a recruiter.

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This is my first time posting thank you for telling me I will revise immediately. If this is a position of interest I can send you additional information. My email is


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