Mapping SNPs to microRNA Targets (Validated or Predicted)
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5.9 years ago
jpsangio ▴ 10

Biostars Experts:

I have a set of SNPs resident in 3'UTRs.  I would be grateful to obtain information on a public access utility that would permit me to easily search for overlap of the SNP loci with validated or predicted miRNA binding sites. If so, is there a way to estimate the magnitude of the consequence (predicted alterations in binding affinity) caused by nucleotide substitution?  I would like to:

  1. Enter the rs numbers
  2. Obtain output indicating whether the SNP resides in an miRNA binding site -- if so, estimate the impact of a given nucleotide variant in this position. 



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Did your find the way to do it? I am in the same point than you. I think that you should have to find out the coordinates for miRNA binding sites. Did you? Then, since we have the coordinates for the SNPS, we can merge both coordinates files and we will be able to answer this question. Please, let me know if you find out something.



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