Question: Annotation of miRNA from NGS
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Korea, Republic Of
illinois.ks140 wrote:

Hello, all

I am still working on the DEG analysis of miRNA.

I have sucessfully trimmed out the adapter and index sequences and mapped them using bowtie2. 

Then, I have used samtools to convert sam file to bam file.. and finally got the .bam files.

Here, I mapped our fastq file to mouse whole genome reference file instead of mirBase hairpin. fa file.. 

(mapping rate is around 90%)( Note I have 6 samples including 3 controls)


For DEG analysis of miRNA( differentally expressed miRNA), I am trying to use cufflink-cuffdiff pipeline. 

By accident, I did not put the -g genes.gtf option. 

> cufflinks -p 4 -g genes.gtf -o xxx_clout xxx.bam

when, I put the "-g genes.gtf" option (since I want to annotate our result), my genes.fpkm_tracking file have 25000 genes with annotation . 


When, I put the command without -g genes.gtf option ,

my genes.fpkm.tracking file has 1829 lines. (annotation..  e.g. CUFF.1  CUFF.2 ..... CUFF.1829)



Could you please someone let me know why these two files are so different even the different is only "-g genes.gtf " option??







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Devon Ryan89k
Freiburg, Germany
Devon Ryan89k wrote:

With the -g option, you'll get results for every entry in the gtf file plus any novel entries. Without it, you'll only get information for entries that cufflinks assembles.

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Thank you! 

Then, for the miRNA annotation, do I need to use -g options??  

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It's unlikely to hurt and might increase the quality of the results a bit, at least if the GTF file is decent.

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Thank you Devon, 

BTW, I got some weired result. Before I got your answer, I have run two analyses with -g option for cufflinks and without -g option for cufflinks.. 

Based on the description, the results should not have much difference.. 

BUT, the DEG results were different.  Could you please give some comments? 

I  understand the little difference for fpkm values for each samples however, the status of significant is also different. Please see the result. 

It means I will have different DEGs.. How can I handle this? 


This is the part of output of gene_exp.diff file (from cuffdiff)  with -g option for cufflinks.

test_id    gene_id    gene    locus    sample_1    sample_2    status    value_1    value_2    log2(fold_change)    test_stat    p_value    q_value    significant
XLOC_000001    XLOC_000001    Lypla1    chr1:4807892-4846735    C    A    OK    66.3389    96.7347    0.544179    1.44694    0.0102    0.0350251    yes
XLOC_000002    XLOC_000002    Tcea1    chr1:4857693-4897909    C    A    OK    20.174    32.1997    0.674552    2.0687    0.0005    0.00330423    yes
XLOC_000003    XLOC_000003    Atp6v1h    chr1:5083172-5162549    C    A    OK    46.3804    46.7117    0.0102699    0.0315399    0.9549    0.971887    no
XLOC_000004    XLOC_000004    Oprk1    chr1:5588492-5606133    C    A    NOTEST    0    0    0    0    1    1    no
XLOC_000005    XLOC_000005    Rb1cc1    chr1:6214661-6276104    C    A    OK    4.88699    8.12632    0.733656    2.20416    5e-05    0.000499381    yes



This is the part of output of gene_exp.diff file (from cuffdiff)  without -g option for cufflinks.

test_id gene_id gene    locus   sample_1        sample_2        status  value_1 value_2 log2(fold_change)       test_stat       p_value q_value significant
 XLOC_000001     XLOC_000001     Lypla1  chr1:4807892-4846735    C       A       OK      69.8295 88.1472 0.336078        0.906617        0.1208  0.245285        no
 XLOC_000002     XLOC_000002     Tcea1   chr1:4857693-4897909    C       A       OK      21.6891 28.7428 0.406232        1.2759  0.0293  0.0890071       no
 XLOC_000003     XLOC_000003     Atp6v1h chr1:5083172-5162549    C       A       OK      48.015  43.1173 -0.155218       -0.484344       0.39715 0.564343        no
XLOC_000004     XLOC_000004     Oprk1   chr1:5588492-5606133    C       A       NOTEST  0       0       0       0       1       1       no
 XLOC_000005     XLOC_000005     Rb1cc1  chr1:6209234-6276104    C       A       OK      5.58876 7.63383 0.449879        1.38708 0.0185  0.0634292       no






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