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6.3 years ago
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Hi all,

I am using Bingo to perform GO-based functional analysis of non-model interactomes.I am working on non-model organism; I have prepared my own custom file for annotation and have downloaded ontology file(go.obo) from gene ontology.

Problem occurs when I run BINGO, the following message appears:
WARNING: Some category labels in the annotation file are not defined in the ontology. Please check the compatibility of these files. For now, these labels will be ignored and calculations will proceed.

I would like to know is this warning message okay or is there something that I am doing wrong.

Annotation file is as follows:

annotation file:

(species=Brugia malayi)(type=Consortium)(curator=GO)
Bm1_55385    = 0005622
Bm1_55385    = 0044444
Bm1_55385    = 0044464
Bm1_04620    = 0043229
Bm1_04620    = 0044444
Bm1_04620    = 0044464
Bm1_41245    = 0030529
Bm1_47775    = 0005622
Bm1_47775    = 0044464
Bm1_28975    = 0005622
Bm1_28975    = 0044464
Bm1_16700    = 0005622
Bm1_16700    = 0032991
Bm1_03855    = 0016020

Thanks in advance

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