Forum:Bioinformatics applications with Graphical user interface(GUI) to demo/simulate on HPC
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7.3 years ago
amjadcsu ▴ 90


The organization I work for is looking for a Bioinformatics/genetics/life science GUI application that can be used to demo on a 60 node HPC cluster. The idea is to show the speedup between serial and parallel version of application on HPC.

Any pointers or help would be appreciated.

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What sort of parallelism are you hoping to demonstrate? Very few bioinformatics applications support using multiple nodes simultaneously, so you end up just running many jobs in parallel on different nodes (this is still extrememly useful). You could even use Galaxy to demonstrate this sort of thing, since it can use an HPC scheduler to run jobs. This would have the benefit of being free and having a very accessible interface.

If you really want to demonstrate something with MPI then I'm not familiar with anything that also has a GUI. Perhaps Galaxy (or CLC or other commercial products) have some assemblers that can use MPI, I've not checked.


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