Question: Annotate ouput file from Deseq2
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BM60 wrote:

I am trying to annotate the results output file from Desq2 so it contains gene names and symbols. The RNA-seq count file I have used comes from Dexseq and contains ensembl transcript ID:





I have tried various methods to annotate the results.

1. downloaded annotation from Biomart.

> library(DESeq2)

> counts = read.delim("3mTA2.txt", header=T, row.names=1)

> sample <- read.delim("~/sample.txt")

> <- DESeqDataSetFromMatrix(countData=counts, colData=sample,design= ~ genotype)

> dds<-DESeq(

> res <- results(dds)

> annotation <- read.delim("mouse.annt.txt") # load annotation file from Biomart

> res$EnsemblID <- row.names(res)

> res <- merge(res, annotation, by = 'EnsemblID', all.x = TRUE)


It adds column to the output file but values are blank.


2. Also used AnnotationDbi


> library("AnnotationDbi")

> library("")

> res$symbol <- mapIds(,

+                      keys=row.names(res),

+                      column="SYMBOL",

+                      keytype="ENSEMBL",

+                      multiVals="first")


Error in .testForValidKeys(x, keys, keytype) :

None of the keys entered are valid keys for 'ENSEMBL'. Please use the keys method to see a listing of valid arguments.


Any sugestions?

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James Ashmore3.0k
UK/Edinburgh/MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine
James Ashmore3.0k wrote:

Those IDs you have listed are Ensembl gene IDs, not transcript IDs. I'm also not sure why they have the ':001' string after them? If you try the BioMart id conversion tool you can see that if you remove this last part and convert the ID to a gene name you get a result e.g. ENSMUSG00000000001 = GNAI3. This Ensembl tutorial may help you discern between the different IDs.

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ENSMUSG00000000001:001; ENSMUSG00000000001:002 - these refer to the the different exons of the gene.

So the question I suppose is how to combine or merge the different exon counts for the same gene into one count for the gene?

Can this be done in Dexseq or Deseq2?

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You don't want to do that, since doing so will double count a number of things. Just run either htseq-count or featureCounts (this is much faster) and directly get gene level metrics.

ADD REPLYlink written 5.1 years ago by Devon Ryan97k

The initial analysis was performed elsewhere. So I only have the Dexseq count file with ensemble ids of all the different exons of a gene. How can i use this file to proceed - either by annotating exons ids into a gene or using the file in Deseq2 and then annotate ?

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That's unfortunate, particularly if you don't have the BAM or fastq files. Indeed, the best you can do is just remove the :E??? from the names, sum over the results and use that. Note that the results will then be approximate. You could do that with awk.

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