Job:Scientific Project Manager, Seven Bridges Genomics, Cambridge, MA, USA
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8.8 years ago
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You can help scientists do genomics because you know the field: you understand the questions that shape the discipline, how scientists address those questions, and what features of software are important for those purposes. You enjoy learning about products, becoming an expert user of them, and teaching other people how to use them.

You will interview prospective customers to evaluate their technical needs and determine how best to meet those needs, and consult on the design of custom bioinformatic analysis solutions. This will enable you to work with account managers as a technical resource during commercial operations. You will be the main communicator with the customer throughout their relationship with Seven Bridges, bringing back feedback to the team to help improve our product. You will work with a wide range of organizations - from individual research groups to departments at top ten universities, pharmaceutical companies, and large consortia. You are very people-oriented, and eagerly work to resolve problems and to maintain a positive and productive relationship.

Your frequent client interactions will allow you to contribute to the development of marketing and customer support materials, including product documentation and marketing information.

Desired Skills

  • An advanced degree in computational biology, bioinformatics, or a related discipline.
  • The proven ability to give effective technical presentations.
  • The proven ability to use, troubleshoot, and teach software.
  • Enthusiastic team player.
  • Excellent communication skills more generally.
  • The willingness to travel to meet customers.

We are also looking for a strong cultural fit, as we value our team more than anything else and we like to learn from each other and share the knowledge. In return, we offer a relaxed and open work environment, great work conditions, and first-hand involvement in one of the most exciting fields of science that is laying down the foundations of modern personalized medicine.

If you would like to help us advance genomics at our leading, well-funded, and dynamic startup, please apply here:

About Seven Bridges

Seven Bridges Genomics is building the most advanced cloud computing platform for genomics data analysis on the market. We democratize genomics by enabling researchers anywhere to process and understand genomic data faster and more efficiently than ever, at any scale. This allows them to focus on advancing their fields and making personalized medicine a reality.

The flexibility of our platform, in the hands of our large team of experts, allows us to collaborate with a wide variety of distinguished pharmaceutical, health-care, and academic partners. We help these partners investigate and treat all kinds of genetic disorders. We are also excited to have been selected to participate in the National Cancer Institute's Cancer Cloud Pilot, which will accelerate and expand our vision.

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8.7 years ago

Could you please update the work visa sponsorship eligibility?

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Hello, apologies for the late reply, and thank you for your question.

This position is based in our Cambridge, Massachusetts office. There are no requirements, but the successful candidate will need to be able to obtain work authorization in the United States, and for the right candidate we may be able to work with our immigration counsel to obtain work authorization through programs like H1-B.


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