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7.7 years ago

Knowledge-Driven NGS Solutions

Up-to-date expert knowledge is the key to generating impactful biological insights.

To address this unavoidable need, we at ecSeq Bioinformatics established an extensive network of outstanding scientists, covering all research fields relevant to NGS. Together with a project-specific expert panel ('think tank'), we will analyze your data in a scientifically proven manner to provide you with meaningful, knowledge-driven results.

Tools Can Analyze Your Data. Our Experts Give Meaning To It.

Without expertise the best result will be overseen. Our extraordinary network of experts, consists not only of bioinformaticians, but also medical doctors, statisticians, mathematicians, molecular biologists and physicists. All of the more than thirty experts hold a PhD and more than ten hold a professorship. By accessing their knowledge, you will not only get a simple list of significant results, but a full interpretation of your data, approved by experts in the field.

We add biological and biomedical knowledge to your data to enhance understanding and give new insight!

To get more information, please visit our website and/or download our flyer.

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