Limitations of samples for co-expression network analysis
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5.6 years ago

Dear all, 

I'm working on reconstruction and analysis of a co-expression network of a siganl pathway in breast tumor. I have GEO data just for 10 patients with breast tumors with specified features. Are these number of sample suitable for network analysis? Is this network acceptable? 


On the other hand I want to reconstruct a co-expression network for differentiation of ESCs to neural cells. GEO data is limited for this study. forexample I have a dataset which contains expression profile of 4 days of differentiation , each contains 3 replicates. Is it a good dataset for my analysis for reconstruction of network.??


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5.2 years ago

You can construct co-expression networks from your gene expression experiments with various methods with InSyBio BioNets (a demo is available here and you can request for a free one month access at Our experimental results indicated that at least 5 samples are needed to acquire miningful results. For more details read the relevant white paper: 


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