Average protein orthology between species
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6.7 years ago
cdsouthan ★ 1.9k

We are taking a look at cross-species pharmacological parameters such as IC50s and Ki for selected receptor and enzyme pairs for the same compound.  So a) has anyone done this ? and b) can anyone point to recent statistics on orthology between species pairs, expressed as the average % aa identity between their  proteome sets ?  (I dont want to have to compute this de-novo but would rather appreciate pre-cooked or published  results).  I'm interested in pharmacologocally popular organisms  e.g. human/mouse/rat/hamster/rabbit/pig with zebrafish as outgroup.   It would also be great if anyone has ever gone down this route to the target-level   e.g.  to show, on average for example,  rodent GPCRs had less(or greater) % identity than say kinases?  There was some useful data in the original mouse genome paper quoting the 12,845 pairs of mouse–human 1:1 orthologues at 70%  identity which rose to 90% for the 700 odd disease genes at that time but this was back in 2002 (and seems on the low side?)  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12466850

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