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5.5 years ago
Ann ★ 2.3k

Hello Biostars,

The Integrated Genome Browser team would like to thank the community for using IGB and giving us great feedback over the years on how to make it better.

A few weeks ago, we asked for your help.

Our funding ends in July 2016, and we asked for letters of support from the community describing how you are using IGB in your research.

We received many letters from students, faculty, and researchers at all levels. We also learned a lot about what features are important to you.

Now we are preparing another application due in January. So if you have not yet written a letter, there is still time to help.

If you use IGB in your research or teaching endeavors, please write a letter of support to the IGB project.

Your letter will help us raise new funds which will lead to even more benefits for you and your students - including fast, friendly support and many new features to enhance your research program.

Another major benefit is that IGB will become a platform for programmers -- especially students! -- to create all-new visualizations and visual analytics functions for genomic data. This means that if you have a great idea for a new way to represent genomic data, you and your students can easily design, develop, and deploy it using IGB. As always, the IGB team will provide advice and encouragement at every step.

(Note: We are modeling this on the wildly successful Cytoscape project.)

If you like using IGB - or would like to use it in the future - please write us a letter of support.

For details on how to write the letter and a place to upload it, visit


Ann Loraine & Mason Meyer
on behalf of the IGB team

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