What is an Example of Protein that has Bissulfosuccinimidyl suberate Cross-linker?
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7.1 years ago
Bahrani ▴ 30

Hello Scientists!

I want to know what are the known proteins that have Bissulfosuccinimidyl suberate cross-linker (BS3) in their structures? Is there any way to make such query in the protein structure databases such as PDB? I have tried doing the search in PDB using the "Text Search" option in the advanced search interface to search for the BS3 keyword; however, the result returns all the PDB records where the keyword "BS3" is mentioned and that is still irrelevant because my aim is to look for the BS3 cross-linker in the "ATOM" section of the PDB record not in the description or elsewhere, for example.

So, my question is that can we make a specific query that allows to search for "BS3" keyword in the ATOM section of PDB records in the database? or do you have any idea to solve such problem?

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