Calculate nucleotide frequency for a position in a bam file using Bio::DB Perl module
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5.5 years ago

Hi everyone,

I am new to Bioperl so please bear with me. 

I have a bam file and a chr-position file that looks like this:

10    1156771
10    37484026
10    78483209
10    82960189

I have to calculate the number of A, T, G, C, N, a, t, g, c (forward strand and reverse strand) for each of the positions in the position file, such that the output looks like:

chr pos      depth A T G C a t g c N
10  1156771  3     1 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
10  37484026 5     0 0 3 2 0 0 0 0 0

Now, I know this exact task can be done by:

1. samtools mpileup -> or other parsing scripts

2. bam-readcount (directly takes position file and bam file to generate that output)

3. other existing tools 

And I have done it before too using bam-readcount! But I have been told to do it using Bio::DB::Sam module.

Anyway, the following is my code to generate pileup at a particular position, the only thing I can't figure out now is getting the reference base ($refBase):

use Bio::DB::Sam;
my $sam = Bio::DB::Sam->new(-bam => "sample.bam", -fasta => "hg19.fasta");
my $cb = sub {
        my ($seqid, $pos, $pileups) = @_;
        my $refBase = $sam->segment($seqid,$pos,$pos)->dna;
        # cannot access reference base. $refBase is always empty.
        print "\n$pos\t$refBase=>";
        my @tmp;
        my @strtmp;
        for my $pileup (@$pileups){
                my $al = $pileup->alignment;
                my $strand = $al->strand;
                my $qBase = substr($al->qseq, $pileup->qpos, 1);
                # to account for reverse strand
                # if $strand is 1 then $qBase will remain same
                # if $strand is -1 then $qBase will change to small
                        $qBase = lc $qBase;
                #print "$qBase";
        $scalstrand = join("",@strtmp);
        $scal = join("", @tmp);
        print $scal,"\t";
        print $scalstrand,"\t";
        my $len = length($scal);
        my $A = $scal =~ tr/A//;
        my $T = $scal =~ tr/T//;
        my $C = $scal =~ tr/C//;
        my $G = $scal =~ tr/G//;
        my $a = $scal =~ tr/a//;
        my $c = $scal =~ tr/c//;
        my $g = $scal =~ tr/g//;
        my $t = $scal =~ tr/t//;
        # print the depth and counts of A,T,G,C,a,t,g,c
        print "Depth:$len, A:$A, T:$T, C:$C, G:$G, a:$a, t:$t, c:$c, g:$g\n";
# call pileup for chr1:10000 only
$sam->pileup('1:10000-10000', $cb);





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Yes, because they asked me to delete it there as it was not the relevant community. So now it is only on Biostars. Is that ok?


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