Building webservice with R backend
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7.6 years ago
Daniel E Cook ▴ 270

Hey Folks -

I'm in the process of developing a web server that will perform some bioinformatic analysis. I am wondering if anyone had some recommendations. Essentially we are looking for the following:

  • web-based interface (twitter bootstrap front-end) - where users can input a dataset
  • python flask back-end
  • A task queue which will take input data and submit jobs to an R script and later output results.

I'm not looking to make this overly complicated. My main concern is performance. I'd like the web service to be fast and be able to run (multiple) tasks in the background. If that means running those tasks on a separate instance I'll do that, but if it's possible to get by running them on the same instance (within a task queue) then I'd prefer that. I'm currently looking at AWS, Google, and Iron worker ( Does anyone have experience with this or can point me in the right direction?



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