Tool:deepBase: Identification, Expression, Evolution and Function of lncRNAs, circRNAs, sRNAs from deep-sequencing data
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6.0 years ago
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deepBase is designed for the Identification, Expression, Evolution and Function of lncRNAs, circRNAs, small RNAs (e.g. miRNAs, snoRNAs) from ~1000 next-generation sequencing datasets.

deepBase Analysis web site:

deepBase platform provides the following Analysis Services:

1. deepBase developed lncSeeker tool to identify high-confidence lncRNAs from RNA-Seq datasets.

2. deepBase constructed expression and evolution patterns of lncRNAs across 14 species.

3. deepBase developed lncFunction web-server to predict function of lncRNAs from co-expression networks.

4. deepBase identified thousands of circRNAs and constructed their expression profiles.

5. deepBase provides expression profiles of small RNAs, such as microRNAs, snoRNAs, tRNAs, etc from miRNA-Seq data.

Overall, deepBase provides a set of useful tools to decode evolution and expression patterns of diverse ncRNAs across 19 species from 5 clades and to infer their functions.


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