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7.5 years ago
jmt89.lp • 0

Hey. I've chosen Bioinformatics for a degree. I'm here to ask a question describing which specialization compliments Bioinformatics more: Virology or Immunology? This is a broad question, but my main points that I would like answered are that:

  • Which impacts the world more in global research with that in mind what are the pay ranges and is Doctor's Without Borders a part of one of these selections in computational biology?
  • What are Research Firms looking for in these specializations?
  • Finally, what is technically required for entry-level jobs in any of these specializations?

Thank you

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Why did you chose Bioinformatics? What excites you about it? What do you hope to discover/achieve? What interests you in biology?

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Mostly understanding systems biology, and trying to make a difference in the world. I like Bioinformatics because its a computational biology. I know I could be a bio-medical student, but I'm not so sure I can compete with the Harvard or Yale graduates.

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Computational biology can be close to bioinformatics, but is very much a distinct topic.

From what I know, MSF is really about the medicine, not so much a research organization. They have some interest in medical informatics, but that's a different subject. What is your interest here?

Each mentioned subject has the potential to have global impact, pretty much any area of science can. What are you asking here?

Both immunology and virology are important areas for drug development. Vaccines being the most obvious intersect between the two.

A bachelors degree would be the minimum.

Out of curiosity, where are you at in your career?


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