News:8th National Symposium cum Workshop on Recent Trends in Structural Bioinformatics and Computer Aided Drug Design [SBCADD 2016]
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8th National Symposium cum Workshop on "Recent Trends in Structural Bioinformatics and Computer Aided Drug Design" (SBCADD'2016)


SBCADD'2016 takes this opportunity and considers it as a great privilege in inviting you all to the 8th National Symposium cum Workshop on the theme of "Recent Trends in Structural Bioinformatics and Computer Aided Drug Design" is going to be held on 16th - 19th February, 2016. It seeks to continue the good synergy obtained in the previous editions, providing a discussion platform for scientists, educators, industrialists and students about the latest innovations in the foundations, theories, models and applications for multi-disciplinary research encompassing of Molecular Biology, Structural Biology, Structural Bioinformatics, Computer Aided Drug Design and Pharmacogenomics. In recent years, Computational biology and medical informatics have been achieving tremendous unparallel growth making this field to be the most vibrant research area that could aid in the acceleration of the development and discovery of new drugs against combating diseases enhancing the livelihood quality and life expectancy of the individuals. The aim of SBCADD'2016 is to create a friendly environment that could lead to the establishment or strengthening of scientific collaborations and exchanges among attendees, and therefore, participation at SBCADD'2016 would provide an excellent opportunity to keep up with the cutting-edge research in such enlivening topics mentioned above as this four day event will feature primary lectures, poster presentation and workshop that could enable the participants and academicians to make significant strides in the research. We cordially invite you all to submit abstract and participate in Symposium cum Workshop.


  • Small and Macromolecule X-ray Crystallography
  • Molecular Modeling and Pharmacoinformatics
  • QM/MM Calculation
  • Pharmacophore and ADME/T Prediction
  • Free Energy Calculation Methods
  • De Novo Drug Design
  • Molecular Dynamics Simulation
  • Drug-Protein Interaction
  • Functional Genomics and Proteomics
  • Pharmacogenomics
  • Database Creation and Development
  • Structural Bioinformatics


The participants are requested to submit abstract on the theme of the symposium to the Organizing secretary on or before January 25th, 2016. The abstract should be sent to

All accepted abstracts will be included in the Congress Proceedings with ISBN number.

Kindly visit conference website ('2016) for more information.

Thanks and Kind Regards

Organizing Committee, SBCADD2016

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