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6.8 years ago
jaschelite • 0


I'm trying to use R to download GenBank-Files from Identifiers given by Panther.

For example:

I have this Identifier: F1RAP5

The Ncbi-Search points me to the Gene Page of the Identifier which is:

I get there with rentrez via:

entrez_search(db="gene" , "F1RAP5")

This gives me the gene Id.

On the ncbi page my next step would be to hit the link "GenBank" under "Genomic regions, transcripts and products" which leads me to the GenBank file and I can easily download it from there.

However I can't get that to work in R. I tried

entrez_link(dbfrom="gene" , geneid , db="nuccore")

But that doesn't direct me to the GenBank - File.

Is there a way to download GenBank files from Geneids?

I need those because I'm interested in the whole Sequence and Exon/Intron Sequences of a specific gene.

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