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8.5 years ago
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Illumina will present MiniSeq, their "simplest, most affordable sequencing solution yet" (as the title states in the promotional email I've just received).

The body of the email does not give many hints. The presentation will take place on 19th of January 2016.

It seems that the MiniSeq will be a benchtop sequencer that will most probably sit below(?) MiSeq in the Illumina food chain.

From the relevant promotional pics it looks smaller than the MiSeq (around 30-50% smaller width but it's not easy to make an accurate estimation).

Since it's clearly mentioned that it is not for Clinical/Diagnostic use, I believe that there is a MiniSeq-DX version waiting in the queue somewhere.

I'm pasting the explanatory text at the end of the email for completeness:

The simple, affordable MiniSeq System empowers researchers to keep pace with sequencing technology and take control of their projects, costs, and timelines. Join Stephen Gross, PhD, and Jason Goode, PhD, as they demonstrate the push-button ease and load-and-go operation of the MiniSeq System. Learn how the integrated cluster generation, sequencing, and onboard data analysis enables diverse applications from tumor profiling to targeted expression analysis.

----- Additional Info -----

There is now a press release on the system:

And a tech spec page:

Price: 49,500USD

Read Length: up to 2 X 150bp

Throughput: up to 7.5b Gb

Number of Reads: up to 50M (paired-end)

These stats are with the High Output Kit

There is also a Mid-Output Kit:

UP to 16M PE (2 X 150bp) reads and 2.5Gb output

The rest of the Specs are similar to the MiSeq (v2): i7 processor, 16GB RAM but double the HDD (1 Tb), O/S Win 7 Embedded

And a teaser photo: image: teaser photo

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