Analysis Pipelines for MBD-Seq Data
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7.0 years ago
pm2012 ▴ 140

Hi All

I am currently analyzing a MBD-seq data set for 14 tissue samples (7 each from groups A and B----each with individual controls). My main goals as of now is to identify any differentially methylated regions between the two groups and also to see if some or all samples from each group cluster together based on the methylation pattern of distinct genomic regions (e.g. CpG Islands in promoters etc). I have results from several pipelines MEDIPS, MACS, MAC2, DiffBind, Homer. I wanted to see what other groups currently use for this analysis. Any suggestions would be welcome. Also what would be best way to do groupwise comparison using 7 from each groups as replicates.

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6.8 years ago
yinzl2007 ▴ 20

Do you have the methylation level of the genome regions? and what's its format? Maybe you can search some patterns in one group , for examle you can see which CpG island have a higher methylation level in all seven samples. and then you can see the difference between the two group.


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