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6.4 years ago
Fahad. • 0

Hello, I'm a senior in High School and I'm interested in bioinformatics and I'm thinking about participating in a science fair.

I'm completely lost, I don't know where to start, or where to look for research topics and I don't have a mentor.

Can you please help me ? 

How can I get started ? and what are some resources for a high school student to find inspiration from for choosing a research topic ?

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How long do you have to complete the project?

I think something interesting at least at the high school level would be to re-create an analysis from an already published paper using their data using your own pipeline (using something like snake-make and incorporating maybe a different aligner or peak caller or etc). Present a poster on the findings and talk a bit about your pipeline and just give a very brief talk about how powerful bioinformatics can be in science.

It's obviously not something novel or 'very difficult' but it's definitely something you won't usually see at a high school science fair, and learning how to use some of the already built tools is a decent challenge in itself and is great experience.

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