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5.6 years ago

Hi guys,

I am new in Geometadb package in R!

I have been doing some tests to understand how it works geometadb. Well my goal its to join all the tables (gsm, gpl, gse and gds) and next filter the metadata... but now i am focus on looking for all variables and data to understand its right or not the number and if i filter the data some important data missing ...

I did this code to join two tables and its correct the output:

gsm_gpl <- dbGetQuery(con,paste("select * from gsm join gpl on gsm.gpl=gpl.gpl"))

but if i write this the output its wrong (number of variables and obs. data):

gse_gds <- dbGetQuery(con,paste("select * from gds join gse on gds.gse=gse.gse"))

Finally I "did" this code:

all <- paste("SELECT * ", "FROM", " gsm JOIN gse_gsm ON gsm.gsm=gse_gsm.gsm", " JOIN gse ON gse_gsm.gse=gse.gse", " JOIN gse_gpl ON gse_gpl.gse=gse.gse", " JOIN gpl ON gse_gpl.gpl=gpl.gpl", sep = " ")

rs <- dbGetQuery(con, all)

and the number of variables that i get and number obs. its not correct ...

Conclusion: i need urgent help to join all the tables that i said before, can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Andreia. Did you solve this problem?


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