Generating realistic ABI/AB1 electropherograms for educational purposes
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5.7 years ago
jnf3769 ▴ 40

I was wondering if anyone knew of a method by which to generate electropherograms or abi/abi files for a lab I am teaching. The only reason why I am looking for a slightly more realistic way is because the lab is behind schedule due to some issues with the sequencer. I want the students to use software to interpret the abi, align some sequences, and design their own internal primers for use later in the lab. I have the true sequence as a series of ABI/AB1 files already, but I'd like to introduce some errors/variation in the electropherogram.

Anyone have any clues or ideas? I am pretty familiar with R/Bioconductor, Java, and python, if that helps.

Thank you for your time!

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