Forum:High throughput sequencing (RNA-seq, Chip-seq, CAGE-seq) coverage tracks from multiple species available for viewing on UCSC?
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5.5 years ago
Chirag Nepal ★ 2.3k

strong textHi there,

I wanted to compile the list of URLs where processed sequencing data (RNA-seq, CAGE-seq, histone ChIP-seq and others) as available as custom tracks that can be uploaded into UCSC browser for visualization. As there a lot of data on human and mouse on UCSC browser, I am more interested in collecting data from other organisms.

1) Most of the human and mouse data from large scale projects (ENCODE, FANTOM, NIH-Epigenome) are available as public custom tracks.

2) Zebrafish Tracks (CAGE-seq, RNA-seq, Histone Chip-seq) These tracks are also available in UCSC custom tracks.

3) Xenopus (Chip-seq, RNA-seq and MethylCap-seq tracks)

I will keep updating the list. Please share if you know additional URLs.

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