News:Next-Generation Methods for Mapping Genomic Features and Clinical Traits Workshop
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6.3 years ago
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The early registration deadline for's new workshop Next-Generation Methods for Mapping Genomic Features and Clinical Traits is June 17!

This workshop focuses on the genetics and analysis of genomes and quantitative traits in human populations, with emphasis on population genetic inference, genetic mapping, estimation and prediction analysis of discrete (diseases) and quantitative traits using genomic resources. Principles and pitfalls of prediction analyses using genetic markers and eQTL mapping will also be discussed.

Participants will gain practical experience and skills to be able to:

  • Estimate population genetic parameters using partial or whole-genome data
  • Infer relatedness from genomic data
  • Evaluate GWAS data for quantitative traits
  • Use GWAS data to estimate and partition genetic variance
  • Infer Gene x Environment interactions using multi-omic approaches (eg. eQTL mapping)

To register, please visit

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