News:Pine Biotech releases two replication studies designed for bioinformatics educational use
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6.2 years ago
Tom Koch ▴ 110

Project-based learning is one of the most successful methods to gain understanding and practical experience. Especially in RNA-seq, a growing number of public domain datasets is making it possible to try out bioinformatics in real life without access to a lab or a sequencer.

The Pine Biotech team has been working on several educational projects that follow a publication and extract a portion of the raw data that anyone can analyze. Based on our beta version of the T-BioInfo platform, one can run the whole process in just under an hour and experience the power of machine learning for bioinformatics data analysis.

The first two projects are focused on total RNA profiling of cancer.

Whole Transcriptome Profiling of Cancer Tumors in Mouse PDX Models looks at a selection of breast cancer samples from doi:10.18632/oncotarget.8014, and includes a representative subset of reads from the indexed and sorted BAM files for a faster processing time (for a demonstration run only), to aid teachers by reducing the time necessary for a hands-on lab.

RNA-Seq Analysis of Macrophages in mouse model Lung Cancer takes a second look at samples from doi:10.4049/jimmunol.1502364, and as with the previous project includes a representative subset of reads for faster processing time.

To learn more about the educational initiative at Pine Biotech, email us:

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