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6.4 years ago
daen.qz • 0


My name is Daniel. I'm a Biotech undergraduate who is thinking about doing a Bioinformatics Masters Degree. I have so many questions, so I would like if you could help me make my decision.

My questions are the following:

  • Is it hard for the companys or academic institutions to find bioinformaticians?
  • Is there more demand of bioinformaticians than bioinformatics job offers? In which market study or how could I see it?

I would like if you could concrete the country in which you know the market the most.

Although this is a technical forum, I canĀ“t imagine a better place to do this question on Internet, so I would please ask to not close this thread.

My future depends on your answers, and I had not been able to find them yet, not even by bioinformatics teachers.

Thank you very much.

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There has been a similar post quite recently.

C: I need your help to find my future


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