Query regarding geNorm in NormqPCR package of R?
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6.0 years ago
kamran.shekh ▴ 10

In the original geNorm VBA applet, the raw Ct values were required to be converted in the relative Ct values (by using PCR efficiency and lowest Ct among samples). Does 'selectHKs' function in 'NormqPCR' package also require conversion of raw Ct values to relative values in the .txt files before analysis? OR Can I go ahead directly with raw Cq values?


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6.0 years ago
guto03 ▴ 10

Hello, Kamran. As selectHKs() function takes as input an object of class 'qPCRBatch' which is generated by the read.qPCR() function (from ReadqPCR package) that, in turn, can take raw Cq values as input, I think that there is no problem at all in use selectHKs() function with raw Cq data.

From another source... Perkins et al., 2012 (ReadqPCR and NormqPCR: R packages...): "It is important to note that although the selectHKs() function can accept 2^Cq or Cq values, it is important to specify this with the “log” argument when calling the function."

So, I think you'll be ok with that.


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